Transforming foster care through innovation.

Our Initiative

Build a loving and nurturing transitional home and safe haven for abused children when they are first removed from their homes with a top priority of keeping siblings together.

Design an innovative program and new model of care offering immediate triage, assessment and treatment. We seek to heal often re-traumatized children in Florida’s foster care system by offering

evidence-based, trauma-informed intervention and comprehensive care in a positive, nurturing environment.

Provide children with our very best – quality counseling, therapy and enrichment programs administered by a compassionate team of qualified specialists which will include established community partners such as Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital and local agencies already delivering evidence-based

programs that are proven effective.

Like a Family

Our team will cultivate a family like setting and culture of caring to foster healing, trust and self-worth in every child. We will provide children with consistent caregivers and family style living. Our goal is to be a supportive bridge between where children came from and their permanent placement, ideally reuniting broken families after they’ve both had an opportunity to heal and learn new coping strategies for life.

Our Unique Program Design

Upon admission, each child will be assessed to ensure they receive the most appropriate and comprehensive clinical care and services available. Interventions and therapies will be evidence-based and trauma-informed. Protocols and operational practices will be informed by leading children’s mental health and well-being experts such as Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. An integral part of our program will be the ability to apply, collect and disseminate the latest research on brain development and trauma in children, and to track outcomes long term. Ultimately, our goals are to improve reunification, permanency and positive outcomes for children that enter and exit foster care – transforming the system.

Together with our community partners, we will offer onsite therapy services, targeted case management support and coordination of services and enrichment programs to prepare children to successfully complete their transition into a more optimal, permanent situation. Wrap-around services will include:

• Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other evidence-based PTSD therapies

  • Parenting programs

• Tutoring and after-school support

  • Pet therapy, drama & art therapy, life skills training and more

The Four Pillars of Our Unique Program


Once a child is admitted, our team will immediately triage and stabilize the child and begin the healing process. The children in our care will receive assessment, intervention and comprehensive follow-up care based on the latest, evidence-based research in children’s mental health and wellbeing.


Assessment, interventions and ongoing care will be based on the latest, evidence-based research in children’s mental health and wellbeing. Continuity of care will ensure a level of consistency and stability for children.


We will provide a positive, trauma-understanding environment that emphasizes quality care, values the uniqueness of each child and their needs, and delivers a family-like setting that promotes stability, healing and hope for children and their families.


Research shows that keeping siblings together is critical to ensuring that they are not further traumatized after experiencing the devastation of being removed from their homes.

Programs & Services