Foster Care & Child Abuse Stats

Outcomes for young adults who spent time in the current foster care system:

  • 25% will become homeless within 4 years of leaving the system
  • 71% of girls will be pregnant by age 21
  • 50% will be unemployed at age 24
  • 1 in 4 will experience PTSD: 5 times more likely than the general population
  • 7 times more likely to develop drug addiction
  • 75% of females and 33% of males will rely on government assistance
  • Females are 10X as likely and males are 4X as likely to commit a crime
  • 80% of the prison population once was in foster care
  • Studies estimate up to 80% of sexually trafficked victims were in foster care

Did you know?

The leading cause of death of children age 4 and under is child abuse.

Not all children who have been abused become abusers. However, 99% of abusers where abused as children.

Child Abuse Stats

  • The United States has the worst record among industrialized nations- 4 to 7 children dying each day as a result of abuse. An average of 1,580 per year is reported by states.
  • ¼ of your child’s elementary school class will be effected by child abuse.
  • Children who experience abuse or neglect are 9x more likely to get involved in criminal activity.
  • The economic burden in the United States for fatal and non-fatal child maltreatment is $124 billion dollars (2008).
  • 36% of incarcerated women were victims of child abuse.
  • 80% of child fatalities are linked to one parent being the perpetrator.