All-Star Children’s Foundation’s state-of-the-art campus will include a center for trauma-focused clinical services and provide children, ages 0-18, victimized by abuse with loving and stable homes. Our program will bring healing, empowerment and hope to children and their parents and caregivers. Developed in collaboration with John’s Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, this program will become the gold standard in healing childhood trauma and developing children’s skills necessary to build resiliency. We strive to be a supportive bridge between where children came from and their permanent placement, ideally reuniting broken families whenever possible.

Our campus will eventually serve 60 foster children in residence, as well as children in our region’s child welfare system on an outpatient basis. The campus will integrate trauma-sensitive principles throughout its physical environment, treatment programs and staff interactions.

Together with our community partners, we will offer onsite therapy services, targeted case management support and coordination of services and enrichment programs to prepare children to successfully complete their transition into a more optimal, permanent situation.

The current foster care system fails to address trauma, which is the root cause of violence, criminality and mental, emotional and physical disease that can last a lifetime. The only way to change the unacceptable outcomes of today’s foster care system is to heal early childhood trauma and that is the heart of our project.

Key to Our Unique Model. A Focus on Trauma.

Brain Science Research. What we know:   

Childhood trauma negatively alters brain development
Brain plasticity allows for healing if properly treated
Positive results have been achieved with trauma-informed therapies and care
Loving and nurturing relationships are critical for social and emotional development