A child is abused by a parent or relative (a high percentage of whom were likely abused as children).

Foster care agencies struggle to find placement for these children in an already overcrowded system.

Siblings are separated, deepening the trauma. Extended family members and foster parents are not trained in trauma care and don’t have the resources for support.

The child’s trauma manifests in various ways and there may be multiple foster home placements.

And the cycle repeats…

This child then spends a lifetime as an adult, masking the trauma with substance dependency, expressing it with violent or criminal behavior, or become a parent who repeats the abuse.

In Florida, an average of


children die every day at the hands of an abuser.

There are more than


children in foster care in Florida.


of foster youth become homeless within 4 years of leaving the system and 75% will experience unemployment.


of youth in the foster care system will become parents by the age of 21.



of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children, continuing the horrible cycle of abuse.

The Solution

A Comprehensive System of Trauma-Informed Care

All Star is creating a new paradigm of care that includes –

  • The integration of the latest in brain science and therapy
  • Groundbreaking, trauma-focused services delivered in a family setting where each foster parent is trained in trauma-informed care, parenting, and intervention

Combined with onsite clinical services delivered by trauma-informed clinicians and support staff, All Star will care for the emotional, physical, and mental needs of every child it serves.

This is what we do and why we are here. All Star is able to fund these priorities as a result of funds raised from donations and special events. To become more involved in these efforts, please contact us.