Our Mission
The mission of the All Star Children’s Foundation is to create a safe place for children to heal from the trauma of child abuse.

Our Vision
All Star, through our network of volunteers, donors, partners, and other supporters, envisions a world where all children feel safe and empowered. Until that time, success for All Star will be achieved when:

  • Children in the foster care system are embraced by their communities.
  • There is a network of support and resources available for children in the foster care system and no child feels alone or isolated.
  • Parents, foster parents, teachers, healthcare providers, case managers, and the general public are educated and trained in trauma-informed care and can respond appropriately to support children in need.

All Star Children’s “Campus of Hope & Healing” will include a center for trauma-focused clinical services and provide children between the ages 0-18 who have been victimized by abuse, with loving and stable homes. Our program will bring healing, empowerment and hope to children and their parents and caregivers.

This program will become the gold standard in healing childhood trauma and developing the skills necessary for children to build resiliency. We strive to be a supportive bridge between where children came from and their permanent home, ideally reuniting broken families whenever possible.

Our campus will serve foster children in our region’s child welfare system. The campus will integrate trauma-sensitive principles (safety, trust, choice, empowerment and collaboration) throughout its physical environment, treatment programs and staff interactions.

We will offer onsite trauma therapy services, targeted case management support, coordination of services, and enrichment programs to prepare children to successfully complete their transition into a more optimal, permanent situation.

Five critical pillars lay the foundation for our unique program. Nowhere in foster care today have these been combined in such a comprehensive way.

Five Pillars of Our Unique Program
1. Early Intervention
2. Specialized, Trauma-Informed Care
3. A Nurturing Culture of Caring
4. Continuity of Care
5. Keeping Siblings Together

Finances and Reporting
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